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Customer Support Page

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Xtreme Magic Sing to any type of TV?


Answer: Yes, as long as the TV has an audio-video input (RCA).


2. Can I use a sound system with the Xtreme Magic Sing?


Answer:Yes. We recommend using a 2 channel speaker system. This is the recommended setup for karaoke system.


3. What are the backgrounds in Xtreme Magic Sing? Is it possible to change those backgrounds?


Answer: The backgrounds are a combination of local and international picture and video backgrounds (for Diamond model). Yes, you can change your backgrounds and use your personal videos and photos as your background while singing (for Diamond model).



4. Aside from microphone, what else are included in the box? Is the song chip included in the microphone?

Answer: Basic accessories included in the box are cables, adaptor, and a song book containing song list and manual. When you buy an Xtreme Magic Sing microphone, it contains built-in songs over 2,000 with International and OPM hits. Song chips are optional and separately sold to add songs in your Magic Sing library.


5. Can I download karaoke songs?


Answer: As of now, downloading is not yet available but you can choose from our wide selection of song chips.

6. Will the warranty be honored in Magic Sing Service Centers Abroad ?


Answer:No The 2 years warranty will only be honored by the Xtreme Magic Sing authorized service centers in the Philipines.