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About Us - The Astra Group, Inc.

Date Founded: March 1990


A technology driven organization dedicated to the mainstreaming of Philippine industry/ individuals through solution-oriented programs and projects.

A company aiming to support industries and private individuals in attaining global competitiveness for their product, creations, and talents.


Corporate Involvements: Product Marketing and Distribution, Real Estate Development, Construction and Building Management, Agriculture and Livestock Development, Television Production, Management Advisory and Investment Consulting.


Business Competencies:


The Astra Group Inc. (AGI) is a multidisciplinary convergence of business professionals rooted in the Philippines. Conditioned, experienced in International Market Transactions and fully versed in the specifications of global trade, AGI develops linkages in the local and international markets to broaden product and widen customer base.


Areas of Competence


Strategic Marketing - Designing, developing and executing product and market strategies to successfully establish competitive market niches and product stronghold bases. Includes concept development, product applications, package designs, product customization, advertising and promotional strategies.


Nationwide Consumer Goods Distribution - Development, launching and full swing operations for nationwide product distribution including warehousing strategies, shipping and trade specifications distribution schemes, dealer rates and incentives, individual sales incentive schemes, promotional campaign, marketing collaterals design and development, shelf space and display tactics, billboard design and development.


After Sales Service AGI's - after sales is instantaneous and responsive. World class in its incomparability with any existing of similar nature, features, and characteristics. The Xtreme Videoke Microphones are covered by a 24 month parts and service warranty.


Contact Details

The Astra Group, Inc.

Richbelt Tower #17

Annapolis Street, Greenhills

San Juan Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephones: (632) 72-MAGIC or (632) 726-9999

Email (sales): [email protected]


For Repair / Service Inquiries


Please visit the Support page for the list of Authorized Service Centers nationwide or

email: [email protected]